April 13, 2024

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Homeschooling is the best form of education and here’s why

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Staff writer William Biagini writes about his personal experience with homeschooling and its benefits compared to the public school system.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced about innumerable social and economic adjustments to our planet. Nevertheless, couple can even start out to compare to how quickly homeschooling rates have skyrocketed the earlier couple of a long time. 

A person could say that mainly because the COVID-19 limitations have compelled anyone to stay at house, all people has technically been “homeschooled.” This is, even so, not what I am referring to. “Homeschooling,” in this post, refers to individuals who are no lengthier (or in no way had been) enrolled in the general public or non-public university procedure. 

Possessing been homeschooled from the initial to the 10th grade and attending a non-public faculty in Europe from the 11th quality by means of graduation, I speak with suitable knowledge in both of those educational realms. The summary I have occur to is this: if performed appropriate, homeschooling is by much the ideal kind of education. Let me demonstrate why. 

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