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International School Curriculums That You Need To Know

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International School Curriculums That You Need To Know

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Choosing to send your kids to an international school is a great investment. It might be a tough decision for parents to move abroad but this can guarantee a good future ahead.

International schools offer a wide range of curriculum that differs from regular schools. They provide a quality education that prepares a child for the real world. Each curriculum also aims to meet their needs growing up.

Finishing a degree in an international school will open a lot of career opportunities. This made sure to pay off all the costs that it takes to pursue a degree. Therefore, there must be no regrets about sending your child to this school type.

Main Categories of International School Curriculums

International school curriculums have three categories you need to know – state, non-country, and mixed curricula.

The State curriculum provides a level of education that is designed by a certain country. Its goal is to benefit the state in terms of a quality education system with the help of the national boards. While its counterpart, the non-country curriculum is associated with an international body, like IBO. The latter is more detailed and also delivers career-related programs for students.

Other schools give parents an option to obtain a mixed curriculum, whichever is best for the budget.  This is why understanding each type of curriculum is crucial before making a firm decision.

Types of International School Curriculums in Singapore

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Here is a list of the school curricula for international students which parents must keep in mind:

  1. American Curriculum

The education system in Singapore offers a lot of international schools to choose from. For instance, the Singapore American School has to yield advanced career programs for each student. This is approved by the college board, both in the US and in Canada.

Such a curriculum will benefit high school students to have a chance to enter American schools once they pass the Advanced Placement or AP exam. Hence, a kid must excel in class to take full advantage of any course credit.

The panel of experts assesses students’ exams on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most qualified one. Students are placed in designated career paths through the examination results. Higher exam scores might exempt a student from the preliminary level of any coursework. Consequently, it will secure a tertiary education for the student with standards that should be met.

It is believed that those students with a higher rating on AP exams also excel during college. They may also acquire advanced skills that bring them on edge of the curve.

One thing to note is that the American curriculum will equip students in different subjects, depending on the field choice. It is supported by a lot of outstanding educators that assist students to reach their goals.

International schools not only equip students academically but in a holistic way. The educators can help to spot their weaknesses and help them endure over time. This is a good platform for dedicated students who are looking forward to a better future that awaits them.

  1. Australian Curriculum

This one follows the NAPLAN curriculum with a series of tests for students done annually. The exam will assess a kid’s ability to read, write, and even in terms of numbers and language. This is to test Australian students whether qualified or not to go to an international school. It began in 2008 and is still working to develop a quality education.

It is easier to identify a certain skill of the student in that way which would someday benefit the community. Well, learning is the foundation of every achieved goal which is clear in this curriculum.

The evaluation process aims to point out anything that needs improvement. This plays a vital role for both students and the school to supply better education. It also aids the parents to monitor the academic status of their kids after evaluation. Such transparency makes the Australian Curriculum stand out from the other curriculum.

Lastly, it will lead the students to the right path as they are mindful of their academic progress. It will be easier to assess where they are going.

  1. British Curriculum

This is so-called the Cambridge curriculum which offers international examinations to qualify a student. It involves learning languages and many more subjects, such as math and science. They may also opt for art and social science courses.

It is an exam-bound curriculum to better assess students’ progress yearly. It additionally permits homeschooling for particular scenarios.

Students who spent years on this curriculum have a wide range of career options and are more adequate to work in major companies.

  1. International Baccalaureate

Last but not least, is the most holistic curriculum in Singapore. It aims to prepare students for the global market. The educators will teach them life skills to become critical thinkers and excellent in making decisions.

IB curriculum is widely recognized around the world and guarantees a well-rounded education system for each student.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, identifying the right curriculum that fits your children’s learning skills is crucial. International schools propose a wide range of curricula that will produce more competent students in the future. Understand how each curriculum works before deciding.

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