April 20, 2024

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Home-schooling will soon be targeted for outlaw

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President Biden’s Department of Justice has just been weaponized versus mothers and fathers in America, and it won’t be very long in advance of residence-schooling, spiritual schooling and personal schooling — specially non-public Christian schooling — grow to be the next targets of this administration.

Following all, if mother and father protesting critical race theory and hypersexualized university curriculum are to turn into the “domestic terrorists” to fight, the saviors of governing administration just can’t enable these unfit types choose how to teach their kids, now can they?

We’re from the govt, and we’re right here to assist.

Or, as Education Secretary Miguel Cardona puts it: Mom and dad should not definitely be the “primary stakeholder” in their children’s education.

“I feel mother and father are vital stakeholders, but I also imagine educators have a purpose in analyzing educational programming,” Cardona reported in September on Capitol Hill, when questioned throughout a Senate Committee on Wellbeing, Training, Labor and Pensions if he believed moms and dads really should be in demand of their children’s training as major stakeholders.

Basic query.

Dodgy response.

The dodge speaks volumes.

Now, in the encounter of Attorney Common Merrick Garland’s directive to FBI brokers and U.S. attorney officers to begin investigating dad and mom who protest college board customers also loudly as possibly responsible of committing acts of “domestic terrorism” — at the bidding of the Countrywide Schools Boards Affiliation — it would seem the Democratic Party has arrive out of hiding and tipped its hand absolutely on leftist plans for America’s youngest and most vulnerable: to steal them from parental command to indoctrinate them in socialist-slash-communist-slash-Marxist ideology.

It is how Cuba does their children.

It’s how all the commie nations do their young ones.

You consider parents in communist nations have an inherent, God-offered proper to manage the teachings of their little ones?

If leftists aren’t fast paced wiping out all point out of God from the public sq., they are dutifully pushing propaganda into the minds of the nation’s youth. The superior to manage them, dontcha know. The improved to elevate them to be joyful small marchers in the Marxist-Democrat army.

There is an quick remedy for faculties boards to deal with extremely obnoxious, daunting, bullying or even violent mom and dad. It is known as — Simply call The Cops.

Sending in the lengthy arms of the nicely-funded federal Office of Justice to deal with modest-town American schools is not just overkill. It’s a purposeful leftist method designed to send a chilling message to those who dare buck the far-leftist agenda. It’s an intentional present of federal force to stifle and silence the thinkers of the nation, the conservatives and coolly rational of the crowds, the dissenters of the bunch, the patriotic mothers and fathers of the community, the individualists — those pesky individualists — of the nation.

It is meant to cease the protests against the collectivist and communist takeover of America’s colleges.

And the conclude sport of this evil takeover is the kids — their minds, their hearts, even their souls, stolen for the applications of the point out. 

The DOJ storm troop is just one tactic to wrest parents’ regulate of their young children and their children’s schooling.

Upcoming up is the attack on personal schooling and home-education. It will not be prolonged right before protesting mom and dad will be labeled by government bureaucrats as unfit mothers and fathers. It will not be considerably lengthier in advance of dad and mom who refuse to vaccinate their little ones are considered dangers to their small children in advance of mothers and fathers who argue that LGBTQ agendas are harming their kids are called out as risky to modern society, and thus potential risks to their little ones.

Hold out for it, hold out for it.

The condition will shortly be making the scenario that only the condition can effectively teach, and that household-schooling, private education, Christian education is a risk to modern society.

Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll remodel the entire environment — Vladimir Lenin is cited as saying.

That is the dream of the Democrats. That is why moms and dads have turn into Enemy Quantity One.

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