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What can you do with a marketing degree?

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A marketing degree trains students in consumer behavior, market research, and competitive analysis. Many graduates pursue careers as market research analysts, a highly in-demand career path. But what other marketing degree jobs do new graduates pursue?

The strong analytical and interpersonal skills gained during a marketing degree prepare graduates for roles in public relations, content management, business strategy, and management analysis. These diverse career paths offer many opportunities for career growth.

Top marketing degree jobs

Marketing majors work in many different industries. Whether pursuing a career in business, entrepreneurship, content creation, or management, a marketing degree helps professionals advance. This section introduces the top career paths with a marketing degree, including earning potential, job growth, and key qualities. Marketing majors also pursue careers in other fields.


About this career: Consultants advise businesses on their strategy. Marketing consultants analyze an organization’s strategies to recommend new approaches. They evaluate target customers, brand identity, and market share to recommend changes. Marketing consultants work with a variety of clients, often on a contract basis. 

What makes candidates successful: Consultants need strong analytical and research skills, which a marketing degree builds. The career path also requires interpersonal and communication skills.

Opportunities and salary: Management analysts earn a median annual salary of $87,600, with 14% projected job growth from 2020-2030. 

Perks: Consultants benefit from high wages and varied work.

Pitfalls: The project-based format can leave consultants scrambling between jobs.

What to search for: 

  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing analyst
  • Digital marketing consultant
  • Brand strategy consultant


About this career: Entrepreneurs establish new companies and help small businesses grow. They also recommend innovative approaches in established organizations. The field of entrepreneurial marketing emphasizes unique practices to establish market share. 

What makes candidates successful: Strong communication skills, along with the ability to analyze data and research business plans helps entrepreneurs. The field also requires a creative, innovative approach.

Opportunities and salary: Entrepreneurs who work as CEOs and managers earn a median annual salary of $107,680, with 8% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: In this varied field, entrepreneurs solve diverse problems and innovate.

Pitfalls: Because entrepreneurs often work in startup environments, they can experience instability.

What to search for: 

  • Chief marketing officer
  • Founder and CEO
  • Small business marketing manager
  • Director of startup marketing

Executive leadership

About this career: Executives set the strategies for their department or organization. In marketing, they review proposals, determine marketing strategies, and oversee the implementation of strategies. Careers in executive leadership typically require work experience and a degree.

What makes candidates successful: Organizational leaders draw on their decision-making and problem-solving skills. They also require strong organizational and communication skills.

Opportunities and salary: Top executives earn a median annual salary of $107,680, with an 8% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: Executive-level roles report high salaries and decision-making control.

Pitfalls: It can take years or decades to reach the executive level.

What to search for: 

  • Chief marketing officer
  • Marketing director
  • Public relations director
  • Brand director

Fundraising and donor relations

About this career: Fundraising and donor relations professionals raise money for organizations. Most work in nonprofit, government, or educational organizations. They identify potential donors, organize fundraising events, and manage grants.

What makes candidates successful: Careers in fundraising require strong interpersonal and communication skills. Candidates also benefit from a detail-oriented outlook.

Opportunities and salary: Fundraisers earn a median annual salary of $59,610, with a 16% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: Nonprofit fundraising careers offer a sense of purpose and giving back.

Pitfalls: Many fundraising jobs offer low salaries.

What to search for: 

  • Fundraiser
  • Development coordinator
  • Grant administrator
  • Donor relations specialist

International business

About this career: Global corporations increasingly rely on marketing professionals to develop international strategies. Professionals analyze promotional strategies in a global environment, design campaigns to reach diverse customers, and manage international research campaigns.

What makes candidates successful: Careers in international business require strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Candidates also benefit from organizational and interpersonal skills. Knowing a foreign language is also a huge asset.

Opportunities and salary: Business careers report a median annual salary of $72,250, with a 8% projected job growth from 2020-2030

Perks: Careers in international business report salaries above the median with a variety of opportunities.

Pitfalls: Marketing professionals may need additional business coursework to qualify for certain roles.

What to search for: 

  • Global product marketing specialist
  • Global promotions marketing specialist
  • International marketing specialist
  • Business development analyst

Public relations

About this career: Public relations professionals improve an organization’s brand image. They create press releases, interact with the media, and implement PR campaigns to increase brand awareness and strengthen their public image. The field draws on many of the same skills as marketing.

What makes candidates successful: Careers in public relations require strong interpersonal, speaking, and writing skills. Problem-solving and organizational skills also benefit candidates.

Opportunities and salary: Public relations specialists earn a median annual salary of $62,810, with an 11% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: With many subfields and growth opportunities, public relations helps graduates launch their career.

Pitfalls: Many public relations roles have irregular hours and require around-the-clock availability.

What to search for: 

  • Public relations specialist
  • Publicist
  • Social media specialist
  • Brand strategist

Sales and advertising

About this career: Sales and advertising professionals connect buyers with products and services. They manage client accounts, present opportunities to potential clients, and research customer demand. Sales and advertising professionals specialize in areas like business-to-business sales, ecommerce, financial services, and consultative sales. A marketing degree builds strong customer research and communication skills.

What makes candidates successful: The career path requires exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Candidates also benefit from confidence and initiative.

Opportunities and salary: Advertising sales agents earn a median annual salary of $54,940, with 3% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: Professionals work in a creative, fast-paced field.

Pitfalls: While sales managers report high salaries, they also have to meet sales quotas as a condition of employment. Other positions that rely on commission sales have fluctuating salaries.

What to search for: 

  • Sales executive
  • Account specialist
  • Advertising sales agent
  • Advertising specialist

SEO and content marketing

About this career: Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing specialists help companies improve their search rankings and reach more potential customers. They use specialized tools to identify target keywords and improve on-site content. SEO and content marketing specialists also improve site traffic. 

What makes candidates successful: These roles require strong analytical and communication skills. Professionals rely on SEO tools and metrics to improve rankings.

Opportunities and salary: Marketing specialists earn a median annual salary of $65,810, with a 22% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: With strong projected job growth, these marketing degree jobs appeal to career seekers.

Pitfalls: The field constantly changes due to new tools and search metrics.

What to search for: 

  • SEO strategist
  • SEO analyst
  • Content strategist

Social media marketing

About this career: Social media marketing professionals use social media to promote an organization. They engage with customers, improve brand awareness, and implement marketing strategies. Specialists analyze data to measure their effectiveness.

What makes candidates successful: The career requires strong research and analytical skills in addition to an understanding of social media communication strategy.

Opportunities and salary: Social media marketing specialists earn a median annual salary of $62,810, with 11% projected job growth from 2020-2030.

Perks: The field has shown strong growth over the past decade. 

Pitfalls: Social media marketing can be competitive and the field changes constantly.

What to search for: 

  • Digital communications specialist
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Social media planner
  • Social media analyst


About this career: Writers create content for advertisements, websites, books, and scripted productions. Marketing degree jobs in writing include content writing and copywriting. In these roles, writers promote their organization, inform readers, and incorporate SEO and marketing principles. 

What makes candidates successful: The career requires strong research and communication skills. Copywriters must have strong persuasive writing abilities. 

Opportunities and salary: Writers earn a median annual salary of $67,120, with a 9% projected job growth from 2020-2030. 

Perks: The field reports strong wages and job growth.

Pitfalls: Most writers are self-employed, which can mean inconsistent work and pay.

What to search for: 

  • Content writer
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Copywriter
  • White paper writer
  • Technical writer

In conclusion

A marketing degree can lead to careers in advertising, public relations, sales, and business. In each of these fields, marketing majors draw on their training to succeed. Prospective marketing majors can research specific programs to learn more about marketing specialization options and career placements.

This article was reviewed by Krystal Covington, MBA

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Krystal Covington, MBA, is a business growth strategist with 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. Her company, Go Lead Consulting, provides clients foundational tools to build new client and customer relationships. 

Covington founded Women of Denver, one of the largest privately held membership organizations in Denver, Colorado. Her program helps women increase their business acumen, sharpen leadership skills and connect with other high-achieving women. Covington received her MBA from Western Governors University in 2012.

Krystal Covington is a paid member of the Red Ventures Education freelance review network. 

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