June 19, 2024

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Marlborough eyes potential renovation of Richer Elementary School

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Marlborough eyes potential renovation of Richer Elementary School

MARLBOROUGH — The city may soon be on the lookout at yet another college project as the School Department is preparing for the risk of renovations at the Richer Elementary School. 

School officials are wanting to set forth an formal Statement of Interest to the Massachusetts School Constructing Authority about a probable enlargement to the Foley Avenue faculty that serves grades K-5, citing troubles triggered by surging enrollment and an aging facility. 

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The Statement of Desire does not occur with any obligation from the city it only presents to the MSBA that a group is unified in pursuing a probable college task.

"We are not trying to present any doom and gloom, just giving a realistic presentation of where we are right now," Marlborough Superintendent of Schools Michael Bergeron said about the current capacity issues at Richer Elementary School.

“This is our course of action to enable the condition know that we are in line to support a long term job,” Superintendent of Schools Michael Bergeron stated through a conference Thursday with the Metropolis Council Finance Committee.

The School Committee accepted the assertion on Feb. 8, and the undertaking was referred to the Finance Committee, which approved the statement to be voted on by the total Metropolis Council. 

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