June 17, 2024

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KIPP Columbus denies claims of “union-busting persuasion campaign”

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KIPP Columbus denies claims of “union-busting persuasion campaign”
KIPP Columbus charter schools campus on the city's Northeast Side.

The Ohio Federation of Academics is accusing KIPP Columbus of working with a “union-busting persuasion campaign” as the constitution school’s workers attempt to unionize. 

The campaign has concerned required and voluntary conferences with “anti-union consultants” and a pay a visit to from KIPP’s new CEO Shavar Jeffries, in accordance to OFT President Melissa Cropper. 

“Public training funding really should be employed to teach Ohio learners. It should not be used to persuade and intimidate employees who are doing exercises their lawfully safeguarded appropriate to manage a union,” Cropper stated. 

KIPP Columbus obtained at least $15 million in general public funding for the 2021-22 faculty yr, which signifies the greater part of its funding, union organizers reported

“It is incumbent on KIPP to expend that funding on instruction, not union-busting,” Cropper claimed. “If KIPP needs to claim that they are paying out for their union-busting via a diverse source of funding, we sense that is basically a shell sport.”

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