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Edumpus supporting higher education in adopting technology

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Edumpus is targeting around 40,000 Indian higher education institutions to automate their admission processes, said Ajesh Raj, Co-Founder & CEO, Edumpus to Elets News Network (ENN).

How does the digital platform Edumpus provide assistance and support to higher education?

Edumpus has been conceptualised as a digital-first student recruitment platform that simplifies the process of studying abroad for students in India and abroad. By acting as an aggregator for 5000+ courses from 500+ universities in more than 15 countries, Edumpus connects all the stakeholders in higher education – the students, the institutes and the offline educational consultants as well.

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Using AI, the portal provides personalised suggestions to the users based on the students’ academic qualifications and the eligibility requirements of the listed courses on the portal.

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While the whole process may have been automated, Edumpus also has in-house student counsellors to supplement the offerings by providing assistance and perspective to help students make the leap. Factors such as budgets, academic requirements, scholarship availability, available intakes, etc. may differ on a case-to-case basis and the platform suggests the best suitable fit for each applicant while making sure that the student has a fairly complete idea of what they are aiming for.

To summarize, Edumpus’ goal is to harness the power of the internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) to transform the student recruitment industry – by providing a platform to all stakeholders to access authentic and detailed information to make the right decision. All these services are easily accessible through the Edumpus website and the mobile application that was launched this year.

Are we implementing AI-based technologies significantly in the education space?

When handling multiple students, university staff and educational consultants are often unable to give each applicant the personal attention and guidance that they need, resulting in a situation where a student might feel short-changed. Students feel lost, with consultants offering them limited options in terms of courses available.

Edumpus uses AI/ML to suggest the best-fit courses to students on the basis of the student’s choices and the University offerings. It studies a student’s preferences from their search trends on interests and applications to suggest better and refined options.

Once students zero in on the course they want to pursue, they can apply and submit relevant documents on the platform itself. The in-house counsellors guide the students throughout the process.

While the internet provides all the information that any student may need, Edumpus reduces the strain of information overload by providing relevant information at one place and helping the students make a decision based on their interests.

Could you tell us something about the products and services? How is it helping the education sector?

Our portal provides different services under various verticals which are personalised to each stakeholder in the ecosystem.

– Edumpus as a platform assists the student community to choose their desired course to pursue abroad.

– Global Admissions Consortium is a B2B service that is provided to education consultants and the agents who can leverage the same to suggest better courses to the students from the huge directory of courses that we maintain

– TRiADGE is a dashboard that allows universities to display information about their courses, fees structure, scholarships available, campus pictures etc. which can be accessed by the students who are part of Edumpus’ global network. This is an automated process which helps the institutes to reach their target audience

What are your expansion plans in the market? Are you able to implement the products productively in the education sector?

Our journey started with offering B2B solutions to Education consultants. Since then, we have expanded our services and with the launch of our new product TRiADGE, we now supplement the existing product portfolio and are targeting around 40,000 Indian higher education institutions to automate their admission processes.

We are continually adding more colleges and universities in our directory to provide a wider choice to the students as they look to build their career with us.

Is higher education able to understand and adapt with technology disruptions?

Right now, we are only seeing the beginning of how technology can be used to disrupt student recruitment, and by extension, higher education as a whole. We live in the Information Age and there is an ocean of data that can be mined and filtered to support decision making and institutional thinking. One of the biggest disruptions of AI-led innovations is the possibility of reaching out and serving a much larger population than the traditional consulting firms catered to previously. In a way, the whole process is slowly getting democratised, with a student from a Tier-3 town and a student from Tier-1 town having a similar level of access to higher education opportunities – a very unlikely proposition even a few years ago.

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