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Diving deep into learning: Shipwreck lesson plan at New Century built around video game playtesting | Education

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Diving deep into learning: Shipwreck lesson plan at New Century built around video game playtesting | Education

About the earlier handful of months, a team of second and third graders at New Century School have grow to be newbie maritime archaeologists, just after an possibility to support establish a video recreation for PBS Wisconsin Education was expanded into a wider lesson approach.

Larry Gundlach’s classroom was a single of 18 throughout Wisconsin associated in testing out a cost-free on the internet video game called “The Legend of the Lost Emerald,” which was released on February 22.

The procedure started back in autumn 2019, when Gundlach and the other educators satisfied in Manitowoc at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, exactly where in excess of two times, they started the early discussion and arranging of what an educational activity primarily based all over shipwrecks would appear like.

Maritime experts from the museum offered displays and musicians came and shared sea shanties to assistance the 18 educators get into a attitude for what they’d like to see in the sport.

Though the match was created by College of Wisconsin-Madison centered company Area Day Understanding Game titles, the college students at New Century Faculty could test it out on their tablet personal computers, and the builders would make modifications based mostly on the kids’ responses.

The youth would share locations they received stuck in the game, why they uncovered people sections perplexing, vocabulary they didn’t have an understanding of or terms that slowed them down.

“It was an empowering knowledge to be asked for feedback and allowing little ones be in the driver’s seat acquiring a hand in progress – they ended up a key component of the system and section of why it turned out so properly,” Gundlach claimed. “In the recreation alone, little ones just take on the purpose of an archaeologist – giving them a possibility to be in a quasi-expert role, and ideally that is serving to them do some deep learning.”

Before becoming included with this new PBS online video activity, there was “nothing magical” for Gundlach about the subject of shipwrecks, he said, and it had never ever been a hobby or desire of his right before. But, he mentioned the much more he began to examine shipwrecks, the more intrigued he grew to become.

Gundlach and fellow next/third grade trainer Courtney Bennett brainstormed quite a few experiences to support use some of what the kids were discovering in the recreation.

“What I like about the sport is it puts children in the job of a maritime archaeologist, dealing with what that would be like, starting up to see the way authorities see the planet,” he said.

Right after studying on the internet about the measurements of various ships that traversed the Wonderful Lakes carrying cargo, the students crossed the street to the garden of St. Andrew’s Church exactly where they laid down ropes and milk jugs to build the uncomplicated outlines of ships, which served them reenact a maritime archaeologist measuring a shipwreck web-site by working with tape measures.


Pupils mapped out the bodies of ships working with ropes and jugs.

The course has talked about quite possibly employing quick response (QR) codes on symptoms all over the model ship turning the undertaking into an out of doors museum the place any one could scan the QR codes and see recordings of informational films.

The 40 learners took a area excursion on March 1 to Lake Mendota in Madison soon after getting listened to tales that numerous outdated boats, automobiles and ice fishing shacks have sunk to the base of the lake.

The group made their way out on the frozen lake with augurs, drilling a gap to use a facet-scanning sonar to see down into the murky depths – a unit usually applied by fishermen in boats.

New Century School students explore 'shipwrecks' on Lake Mendota

Learners observe as a gap is drilled in the drinking water to get ready to appear at “shipwrecks” all through a discipline excursion to Lake Mendota on Tuesday, March 1, the place pupils bought to glance at sunken boats and a car submerged in the h2o.

Madison diver Rick Krueger turned the project’s “guardian angel,” Gundlach reported – as he’s cataloged more than 1,000 items of curiosity in the place lakes this sort of as boulders and fish cribs.

Right after a collection of e-mail involving the two, Gundlach was supplied guidelines for a handful of areas to appear for sunken boats with an underwater fishing digital camera.

The final and most recent job took location above the previous several months in the natatorium at New Century, jokingly referred to as Lake Natatorium by Gundlach.

UW-Madison lent the class a Remotely Operated Car – a robotic product that dives underwater while controlled by a human at the area – letting for images or video clips to be captured.


Educator Larry Gundlach assists college students use a Remotely Operated Automobile to map out a mock shipwreck web-site in the New Century university natatorium on Tuesday, March 12.

Gundlach developed an activity around mapping a shipwreck site. He positioned shots in various spots in the pool, making it possible for choose learners to function the ROV although the other learners mapped out the mock shipwreck web site.

Learners also got to do some diving themselves and made use of specific underwater paper to measure and document the distance in between “artifacts.”


Applying particular underwater paper, college students at New Century University mapped out a mock shipwreck site in the school’s pool.

An interdisciplinary challenge like this one particular is something Gundlach says he’s usually striving for as an educator. At 3 months long, this shipwreck unit has been lengthier than his usual academic models, he reported.

“Learning definitely will get maximized when you are equipped to make all those connections,” he stated. “It’s it’s possible a more exact finding out as the real earth isn’t compartmentalized into looking at, math, science – tasks like this exhibit the interconnectedness.”

As one of his learners instructed the Press, “My favourite section about the shipwrecks unit is that we got to do all these entertaining things that most men and women would not do, they would just read about it in a guide.”

And as for the advantages a movie activity can carry to learning – Gundlach explained there are numerous.

“The mere notion of a recreation format kicks up many students’ desire and any time you can get little ones far more engaged, which is vital,” he stated. “But it’s also an authentic, true-earth context for mastering competencies. Whilst it was not essentially diving, it was the similar activities like making use of sonar to come across a shipwreck – it synthesized all that into something simplified and obtainable that mirrors it. There’s ample investigation to guidance that video games are a way to instruct new competencies and concepts.”

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