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Christmas Camp: Christmas with games, learning, fun and development at Eurohoops Dome!

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For another year, Eurohoops Academy is hosting your favorite Christmas Camp, giving all kids an opportunity to enjoy basketball under the best possible circumstances, regardless of their level. The Christmas atmosphere is combined with learning, knowledge, new friends, special guests and lots of fun at the Eurohoops Dome!

The schedule of this year’s Christmas Camp includes two seasons – 27 to 30 of December 2021 and 3 to 5 of January 2022, along with three training programs – Fundamentals, Improve Your Skills and Shooting Days, each of them carrying its own different focus. The Christmas Camp is aimed at all athletes and not only members of Eurohoops Academy. Every athlete can choose one of the three programs but also make a combination out of them, depending on his/her desires and his/her needs.

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Endless game and basketball development go hand in hand in the Fundamentals program! The Euroohops Academy coaching team under Head Coach Konstantinos Stamatis has designed a coaching schedule that is tailored to the modern needs of young athletes. Boys and girls of six years of age and older will enjoy a lot of basketball, make new friends and experience the festive atmosphere on the basketball floor. The program runs from 10:00 to 14:00. It includes exercises, games and activities that aim towards one goal: the improvement of technical skills, the development of the cooperation between two and three players and the strengthening of their physical condition. The daily schedule includes a nutritious snack per day for each participant. Furthermore, parents can extend their children’s stay in the Eurohoops Dome facilities for some extra hours during the morning (08:00-10:00) and noon after the completion of the practices (14:00-17:00).

Improve Your Skills

Improve Your Skills is a specialized training program with the goal of teaching and improving basic basketball techniques. It aims at all athletes of 13 years of age or older and is an excellent opportunity for those who want to develop their technique. It’s a carefully designed training program with a rich and customized list of exercises, curated by Eurohoops Academy Head Coach Konstantinos Stamatis. The program lasts for 90 minutes, from 12:30 to 14:00 or 15:30 to 17:00.

Shooting Days

The secrets behind the… art of shooting are revealed during the Shooting Days of the Christmas Camp. In this innovative training program of Eurohoops Academy, athletes can learn to shoot well and properly through a series of special exercises that are adapted to different game circumstances. The list of exercises emphasizes on practicing the ability to receive the ball, the rhythm and mechanics of execution as well as the combination of moves for the ideal use of shooting in match circumstances. The program is suitable for all athletes from 10 to 18 years of age and will last from 14:15 until 15:15 during all days of the Christmas Camp.

The program of this year’s Christmas Camp has been adjusted to the mandatory health rules and regulations that are in effect by authorities. Every athletes who wants to participate in the Christmas Camp must submit a doctor certificate or an athlete’s health card, along with a vaccination certificate, sickness certificate, or a certificate of a negative result in a COVID-19 self-test. Furthermore, a paramedic will watch over the entire event, with the support of BIOIATRIKI, the Official Sponsor for Nutrition and Ergometrics.


  • Period A’ 27/12/2021 – 30/12/2021
  • Period B’ | 3/1/2022 – 5/1/2022

Time schedule:

10:00 – 14:00 with the possibility of aftercare (08:00 – 10:00 & 14:00 – 17:00)

Participation Cost:

27-30/12: 160€
3-5/1: 120€

Improve Your Skill
27-30/12: 120€
3-5/1: 90€

Shooting Days

27-30/12: 50€ (40€ if combined with one of the other two programs)
3-5/1: 35€ (25€ if combined with one of the two other programs)

2021-2022 Eurohoops Academy members have a 10{e4f787673fbda589a16c4acddca5ba6fa1cbf0bc0eb53f36e5f8309f6ee846cf} percent discount on the original price


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