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Best Online Courses Of 2022: 5 Free Online Learning Platforms – Blog

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Best Online Courses Of 2022: 5 Free Online Learning Platforms – Blog

Best Online Courses Of 2022: 5 Free Online Learning Platforms

Learning has changed rapidly over the last few years because of the internet and advanced technology. Today, you can take online lessons away from the traditional classroom. As a result, many people take advantage of this technology to advance their education.

In other words, you can take online classes from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. However, some people don’t recognize the quality of education offered through the internet. According to Babson Research Group, only 30{e4f787673fbda589a16c4acddca5ba6fa1cbf0bc0eb53f36e5f8309f6ee846cf} of students in the US take online classes.

You can register for online classes regardless of your age. More so, this new learning method lets you understand complex subjects. Besides, learning online allows you to influence other people’s lives. While in remote locations, you get knowledge faster. Moreover, you don’t need a top universities’ degree or certification to share your knowledge. Also, you can attend a traditional class while taking an online course. All you need is to plan your schedule well. We also selected learning institutions that offer quality online courses for our review.

We chose colleges that offer competitive online training programs. They had to have the required technological infrastructure to provide online classes. The majority, if not all, of distance learning, uses computer-based applications. We chose the five as our top picks based on the quality of their online courses. Let’s find out how these institutions deliver their information through online automation systems.

5 Best Sites For Free & Cheap Online Courses : 

  1. Oxford Language Club – Best Online Courses For Career-Focused Certificates
  2. Grinfer B.V – Smart Teaching Solutions Provider For Mastering Skills
  3. Rosetta Stone Language Courses – Popular Online Learning Services In Multiple Languages
  4. Udemy Typing Course – Trusted Educational Website With Accredited Online Degree Program
  5. Gordon Ramsey – Affordable E-Learning Site To Learn Best Degree Courses

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Oxford Language Club – Best Online Courses For Career-Focused Certificates


From spoken English to comprehension, you can expand your command of the English language by taking online lessons. Oxford Language Club offers the best online training methods to help you build confidence in your spoken and written English. The essence of learning English is that many people speak it while transacting business, and it is also the language spoken throughout international business gatherings. It’s easier to grow your business network and learn new skills if you can speak English well.

The Oxford Club relies on adult learning experts, program developers, and brilliant language professors to provide the best online English tutorials. The college has in-house language technology specialists at ONIT. The team has since developed advanced learning interfaces to help non-native speakers learn to write and speak English like a native. Using multimedia resources such as streaming sound and video, the technology allows you to read the minds of native speakers and their speech patterns. Learners become programmed into becoming expert English speakers.


Cost: IIt can be a costly luxury if you travel abroad to study a foreign language. Learning English on the internet is not only enjoyable but also inexpensive, as it eliminates the cost of travel and lodging. You have the freedom to choose your preferred institution, and you can incorporate your busy life with coursework schedules.

Create Your Schedule: The online environment is different from trying to fit everything within the traditional 9–5 hour period. The Oxford Language Club lets you organize your English coursework and timetable around your lifestyle. It means you can still learn English online while attending to your commitments. Sometimes we fall sick or get slowed down due to work pressure. Online classes let you take a break to deal with important things and then start back up later with no missed lessons.

Choose What You’d Like to Work On: The Oxford Language Club lets you choose what you want to study. Unlike the traditional method that follows a syllabus, online lessons give you the freedom to select the specific topic you wish to explore. So it’s up to you to choose the relevant subject to study at the right time for you. And if you want to make an English presentation but are nervous about it, the Oxford Language Club has ready tools. You only need to complete the presentation skills module on the website. And you are done.

Decide How Much You Do: While learning English online, the Language Club supports your learning pace according to your needs. That is to say, you control your rate, not your tutor. No one pushes you to keep up with everyone else, yet you lose nothing by moving at your speed. Again, you may choose to move faster through the coursework that you’ve understood well. Therefore, you do not fall behind or have to wait for other learners to catch up.

Benefit from Updated Content: Technology lets you move faster because you receive updates continuously. Because content on the internet gets updated constantly, you can access content through streaming videos, podcasts, audio, etc. With so much content available for free, you may get confused when choosing your online provider. Oxford Language Club is accredited to provide English lessons via the internet, so you can have peace of mind. Furthermore, their certificate programs are recognized much like in traditional on-campus learning.


  • An affordable option
  • You can enroll immediately
  • Fits your way of life
  • Study at your own pace
  • Abundant study materials
  • Interactive learning
  • Career Oriented Sessions on data science, computer science, web development & other programming languages


  • Isolation poses a risk
  • Isolation may lead to procrastination
  • Available to learners with internet connectivity

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oxford

#2. Grinfer B.V – Smart Teaching Solutions Provider For Mastering Skills


Grinfer B.V. provides teaching for teams such as employees and adult students. It sells coursework content on different subjects, including consulting and mentoring. The college offers personalized programs meant to promote the talent growth of individual members of a team. Courses are customized for groups and individuals to acquire creative skills through personalized learning. In addition, you can access their course materials using your personal computer or phone. Grinfer B.V. is accredited to provide over 1,200 online courses. You can access their online streaming webinars and workshops conducted by professional instructors. Furthermore, they add new content all the time, so teams or employees stay up to date with new technology.

Employers who train their workforce are likely to retain them for a long time. According to a recent survey, 87{e4f787673fbda589a16c4acddca5ba6fa1cbf0bc0eb53f36e5f8309f6ee846cf} of adults were happy when their employers helped them learn about teamwork.

Online coursework material offered by Grinfer B.V. allows employers to build the best talent in their workplace. And this means being ahead in a fast-changing industry, thereby gaining a competitive advantage.


Expertise & Experience: Grinfer B.V. is an online course developer; it has qualified professionals that develop online courses. Grinder has a defined strategy for creating online course material based on the knowledge and expertise of a knowledgeable team in different fields. These include a thorough implementation plan, evaluation criteria, systematic updating of content, and more. Such elaborate experience in the development of online courses means Grinfer understands the specific needs of your learners. So, having that previous experience, Grinfer offers appropriate learning solutions to online learners.

Quality of the Course: Grinfer evaluates the professional credentials of its online course designers, who must be subject matter experts. In addition, the institution ensures the system is interactive and engaging. Tests, tasks, and certificates are given out at the end of each course to make learning more effective for adults.

Recommendations: This college also updates its services using reviews from previous content users. Feedback from previous students allows Grinfer to introduce relevant changes and updates to their coursework.

Sample Courses: As an accredited web-based content developer, Grinfer also provides sample projects at no extra cost. The samples let you understand their teaching style, so you know if it matches your custom requirements. Grinder allows you to share past examples of various case studies. You can evaluate their approach based on these samples and their previous solutions.

Courses & Software for Learning Management: This institution also uses learning and management software tools to better understand the learner’s needs. And because online learning requires extensive planning, Grinder follows an organized system for content development. Whereas there is no single template to follow, the institution uses a systematic progression. Furthermore, this vendor uses flexible, adaptable resources to align with the learner’s requirements.


  • Affordable course material
  • Organized coursework
  • Qualified tutors
  • Updated content
  • A variety of course subjects


  • Inaccessible to low-income neighborhoods
  • Not available without an internet connection

=> Click here to visit the official website of Grinfer

#3. Rosetta Stone Language Courses – Popular Online Learning Services In Multiple Languages

Rosetta not only offers online courses in English but also in a variety of languages. The institution teaches Dutch, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Italian, and more. Whether you are studying a language in order to explore foreign cultures or work abroad, Rosetta Stone will help you. It offers language lessons that are designed to help you work and communicate fluently in foreign countries. These online language courses provide an excellent way for students to pass their AP or TOEFL exams. In addition, Rosetta customized these lessons to let you improve your writing skills.

You can get started at Rosetta Stone with self-paced lessons in Spanish. For instance, the first coursework module takes seven weeks. While at this stage, you learn basic verb conjugation and conversation skills. You also get to practice speaking and writing common phrases, as well as an introduction to Spanish culture. Move on to the second stage, which is also self-paced and leads you to acquire more vocabulary. Once you get past the first stage, you’ll have established a strong foundation, readying you for the next class. This learning procedure is replicated for the other languages as well.


Comprehensive Learning Environment: Rosetta’s language app is reliable, having been in use for some time now. Once you learn to use the app, you get hooked on it due to its comprehensive features. So, if you want to learn a language from the beginning to the end, Rosetta is your best bet.

Image to Text Lessons: Whatever language you choose to learn, Rosetta Stone does not use “gimmick” learning methods. That is to say, they use images to emphasize an explanation. It’s you, the learner, who speaks to the image to bring it “to life” in a technique known as “Dynamic Immersion.” This technique lets you know how to speak the language in real-life situations.

Competition: Having been around for some time, Rosetta Stone is confident in using tools that work best. Once you choose Rosetta, be prepared to memorize verbs and nouns that will combine to create meaningful phrases. Rosetta also believes in the old-school “repeat-and-memorize” methods that are familiar to most of us.

Lesson Plans: Rosetta has been developing languages for the past 25 years. This is a lot of time for them to refine their learning methods. Rosetta doesn’t use lots of language aids; instead, they help you learn to speak naturally.


  • Tested and structured lesson format
  • Lessons taught by native speakers
  • Convenient learning for beginners
  • Immersive interface
  • Bonus give-away: “live” classes by professional tutors


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lacking translations

#4. Udemy Typing Course – Trusted Educational Website With Accredited Online Degree Program

You can do almost anything these days using a computer. So, you need to learn good typing skills. Udemy’s online typing classes provide a sure-fire way to learn to type. With Udymy’s app, you’ll find typing lessons ranging from beginner to advanced level. Besides, the app comes with lesson plans for families and groups. To fast-track your typing speed, the app comes with fun games designed to aid your typing effort. In other words, Udemy takes into account all types of learners to help you fit into their lesson plan.

Furthermore, you learn faster and improve your typing skills using their software’s fun games. You can also choose to start your typing in small intervals or extend your learning duration as you like. Udemy emphasizes that you practice every day, though you decide your pace. Udemy’s typing lessons are for students of all levels, and they also have packages for older learners. Their app allows you to create online accounts so you can download text and video content. You can save your downloads and use them for practice later. Of course, you may use your phone or PC to download this content.


Different Learning Styles: Udemy uses available typing tools to help the learner progress. The strategy is to provide learners with equal opportunities to study and succeed. While some learners prefer video content, others like using different methods. This is why Udemy offers relevant tools for all learners. Besides, their typing lessons allow tutors to give live online lectures.

Study from any Location: You do not need to be in a particular place to take part in online typing classes. Internet technology makes online learning accessible and exciting. Udemy also has one-on-one video conferencing with the students. Typing lessons are self-paced, so you can progress at your convenience.

Choose When to Start: The excellent news about Udemy’s online typing classes is that you can start today. You don’t have to wait till the beginning of a semester like in traditional classes.

Student-teacher Interaction: Udemy bridges interaction between learners and teachers through interactive apps. Teachers and students access resources and share them. This enables learners to exchange comments about their typing challenges. Such is Udemy’s learning environment, with a unique student-centered classroom.


  • Less costly
  • Eliminates the need to commute
  • You become tech-savvy
  • Self-paced learning
  • Some free online courses accessible on taking a pack of courses


  • It’s easy to lose your focus
  • Internet connection bundles are required

#5. Gordon Ramsey Cooking Classes – Affordable E-Learning Site To Learn Best Degree Courses

Our choices for the food we eat have become more important than ever before. Nutritious foods help provide energy for our bodies. To reach our full potential, our bodies need fuel in the form of nutritious foods. In order for us to separate fiction from facts, we looked at several online cooking classes. Gordon Ramsey, as we found, provided the best online cooking classes. Learning from this course empowers you to deepen your expertise in food and nutrition. You not only learn culinary skills but more cooking techniques.

Gordon Ramsey’s course is the best starting point for you to launch your future catering services. Furthermore, you may end up becoming a fitness professional in the future. In their online lessons, Ramsey talks about how to eat healthily.

Today, Gordon Ramsey is the leading online cookery school with expert nutritionists. Besides, they back up their theory lessons with practical tuition via the Ramsey app. Students go through the learning period guided by an expert nutritionist and a chef. Gordon Ramsey releases weekly step-by-step video-based sessions to help you understand the theory.


Student Support: Online learners need support to succeed just like their on-campus counterparts. Gordon Ramsey values their students, offering them personalized support services. Technical support also allows the learner to use the technology effectively. Ramsey also has student-oriented tools to help them succeed. Similarly, this school offers career and nutritional content that’s structured to help adult learners.

Dialog: Within a virtual discussion setup, students may review comments made by other learners before they give their responses. Ramsey also established structures that allow students time to prepare their responses. This method enables students to articulate their thoughts in great depth. So it means the learner doesn’t have to analyze comments on the spot as in traditional face-to-face discussion. With this kind of set-up, students have high-quality discussions about different aspects of cooking.

Expanded Network: Your ability to interact with teachers and learners from all regions of the world is a significant advantage. After completing your course, this interaction doesn’t end, meaning you have a more comprehensive contact network. While studying online, you may even meet your future employer or business partner. Connecting with other students on social media sites like LinkedIn helps you get more chances.

Creative Learning: An interactive learning environment is essential in an online classroom because it promotes creative thinking and self-direction. Many nutritional tutors apply interactive lessons in traditional classrooms, but Gordon Ramsey’s lesson plans provide broader facilitation. Virtual classrooms provide innovative approaches, allowing learners to be more creative rather than memorizing content. Learners and educators collaborate, creating a dynamic learning environment.


  • Self-paced
  • Study from home
  • Can begin learning immediately


  • A little pricey
  • No variety of courses

How We Made The List Of Free Online Course & Online Class Sites: 

We came up with our list of the best providers of online courses. Of course, considering how they approach the new learning system. So, with these factors in mind, we came up with this list.

After evaluating many online course providers, we dropped many of them. We found many online colleges lacking the capacity to offer effective online teaching. So, after sifting through many distance learning providers, we narrowed it down to the five on our list. These five had their automation systems routed using many computers. They also had strong linkage via secure internet servers.

Some environments may prevent the successful implementation of distance learning programs. Faculty members who are uncomfortable with change may slow down the process. So again, we had to interview the teaching staff to check their feelings about the new online courses. Other than positive responses, we liked their video and voice streaming management. The combination of channels (Skype, Zoom, YouTube) and video conferencing impressed us the most. For instance, the Oxford Language Club provided online streaming visuals over a wide bandwidth. Meaning, content reaches the students in real-time without intermittent breaks in traffic because they have servers only dedicated to online learning programs. So, regardless of where you are, you will receive streaming content and keep pace with others.

Many times, institutions rush to put in place online training courses. Of many of these, only those on our list had qualified curriculum professionals. An online curriculum should promote dialogue among learners using written communication. The above schools have successful participation and group interaction programs. These institutions have transformed their lesson plans to align with the industry’s demands.

What We Looked For

While evaluating these online course providers, we considered the following key factors:

  • Location: The advantage of taking online courses is access to quality online education. This is possible so long as you can connect to the internet. in the world. Additionally, online learning allows interaction between teachers and challenged students. The virtual classroom accommodates both non-disabled and challenged students in one class.
  • Time and Pace: Students should access online classes at any time within 24 hours. A learner wanting to use their time over the weekend should access the coursework. Online conferencing platforms let you plan your work schedule. Balancing between studies and other commitments is yet another advantage. Institutions on our list provide access to continuous lectures, including revising notes online.
  • Student-centered: Institutions offering online courses provide course books. Other than learning supplemental materials, students take part in an online discussion. Students often respond to topics that address their concerns. In this way, learners have control over their learning experience.
  • Equal Opportunities: Students in an online class enjoy a certain level of anonymity. This ends discrimination based on physical or other disabilities. Thus, the learner focuses attention on the subject at hand.
  • Access to Resources: Online course providers on our list have student exchange programs. Therefore, guest experts may provide lectures to a broader online student audience. They can refer learners to an online resource with links to relevant coursework. Learners would thus be able to access topics faster for their research.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Online Learning Sites: 

Decide if you want to learn a particular skill or language. For instance, learning English for academic communication is different from studying English as a skill for business. Secondly, if you are not a native English speaker, you may focus on grammar or comprehension. You can, therefore, acquire more knowledge about the subject, gain an overall understanding, and use it as a skill. The best online learning programmes consider all aspects of the subject to enable the learner to acquire a complete understanding. If the subject is English, factors to consider would include grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, spelling, punctuation, and more.

  • Demand for Excellent Time-Management Skills

Learning online may allow you to study according to your lifestyle. But, you won’t succeed if you spend less time studying than the program requires. If people distract you or if you have the habit of doing your work at the last minute, learning online is not for you. Studying online is as challenging as traditional learning, regardless of your flexibility. Furthermore, you need strict time-management habits to enjoy the benefits of online classes.

  • Real Professors Teach Online Classes

As long as you take your online classes from an accredited service provider, a real professor will give you lectures. You might not meet them physically, but they will provide you with lesson plans like in regular classes. These teachers may even tutor on-campus lessons too. You’ll only interact with these teachers through discussion boards, online lectures, lessons, and other online learning platform.

You stand to gain a lot by enrolling in online courses. One significant benefit is that you have control over your learning speed. Online learning differs from traditional learning, where you can be slowed down or forced to speed up by your teacher. Again, you can take more time to concentrate on topics that you find difficult. Both the Oxford Language Club and Grinder B.V. help learners master their subjects without difficulty. While the Oxford Language Club allows learners to dedicate more time to areas where they need assistance, Grinfer provides relevant coursework. Fortunately, tutors at these online schools keep an eye on your progress and help you when you need it.

Oxford Language Club and Grinder B.V. offer trainer-led video lessons. These are self-paced lessons that focus on targeted learning, and this approach motivates the learners while making steady and measurable progress.

  • Expanding Career Opportunities

Do you want to expand your career opportunities? Learning to read, speak, and write English is an excellent idea, and you can acquire these skills by taking online English courses.

The colleges discussed above can also help you spice up your resume upon completing your online courses. Searching for a job can be time-consuming, yet you may not have the time to learn different skills at the college near you. It means you can update your resume, adding new skills immediately after you qualify. To improve your resume further, these colleges assist you by focusing on a specific skill set, thus preparing you to be competitive.

Another advantage of taking online courses at the above institutions is accessing industry experts with different skills. That is, you can decide to be guided by someone you respect. Of course, being taught by an expert inspires you to become successful in the future. You even gain first-hand knowledge to improve your skills faster than in a conventional classroom.

  • Greater Ability to Concentrate

As earlier mentioned, you can study online courses from whichever environment you choose. Again, you may revise your coursework when you are in the right mood. The colleges listed above don’t force you to watch to video lectures if you are not in the right state of mind.

FAQs About Online Educational Websites:

  1. Is the program accredited?

All five providers of online learning are accredited institutions. Whether the college is physically in a particular region or online, it must comply with various requirements. Accreditation of online course providers is not enough, so you should find out if you are eligible for federal funds. If you are a prospective online student looking for federal funds, find out your eligibility through the Department of Education.

  1. What is the provider’s reputation?

As a learner, you should check the credibility of any learning institution. Of course, those offering online courses or developingcertificate course content are no exception. Thankfully, these colleges are recognized providers. Part of this recognition is about the student’s employment prospects. Plus, their programs thrive as a result of specific market demands. These institutions also provide other successful programs that are an excellent indicator of their credibility.

  1. What is the program’s retention rate?

If many students don’t complete an online program, that could indicate a weakness in the trainer. It may signal a problem with aspects of the program such as engagement, delivery, or quality. However, the above colleges have customized their curriculum to align with their personalized needs.

  1. How long does it take to graduate?

To succeed through online courses, you should consider the program’s duration to graduate. Typically, online courses should take a shorter time to graduate, unlike semester-based calendars. It is good to request records of previous post-graduate students who succeeded in job placement. You will also get insights into the types of organizations that employ students who have completed these programs. Additionally, such data lets you know the competitiveness of the program.

  1. Are online courses cheap?

Although costs for online courses are relatively low, it is good to compare fees charged by different program providers. Costly online courses don’t translate into guaranteed employment outcomes. Again, not all affordable programs are low quality.

  1. How effective is the technology used?

Another aspect you should consider is the kind of technology used by the institution. The above institutions base their online learning on dynamic enhancement tools. For instance, the Oxford Language Club offers real-time engagement with faculty and staff, making collaboration easy for the learning experience.

  1. Are online courses graded as residential programs?

Take your time to explore program descriptions, and compare them with traditional course listings. Thankfully, the above top institutions offer online-based coursework designed for active participation. For instance, online labs allow learners to test and apply their knowledge while studying. Collaborative projects and forums let you build, connect, and share knowledge widely. You get to use the hands-on aspect of the program to address typical real-world situations.

Concluding – What Are The Free Online Courses For Learnings?

There is nothing wrong with conventional learning. Feel free to pursue your graduate level or degree if you desire. However, with many reputable providers of online courses, it means you have endless options for learning. Instead of looking for loans for unemployed, lok for this alternative way of learning. The ability to widen your scope of opportunities is a significant advantage. Again, the diversity of massive open online courses and the flexibility to learn at your own pace are additional advantages you get by studying online. Online learning removes cultural barriers that may stop you from studying. Finally, with online learning, you can go after a job that interests you without fear of being fired.

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