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Basic Things to Know in the World of Metaverse

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Basic Things to Know in the World of Metaverse

Basic Things to Know in the World of Metaverse

Recently, we have become more and more familiar with the term metaverse. But what is the metaverse? Metaverse is defined as a space where people can engage with various types of media. The most common media found in the metaverse include VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and many more.

Metaverse is a future platform that was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg when Mark changed his Facebook company which he changed to Meta. Mark Zuckerberg Introduces the Virtual World that he is developing which may be released in 5 to 10 years. Metaverse is a platform where humans can meet virtually and even work and invest in Metaverse.

The goal, to connect all users, no matter what hardware or software each one uses. Simply, like the World Wide Web with various elements that have been refined to produce an immersive reality.

Metaverse consists of an XR (Extended Reality) experience that still needs to be developed specifically to work on all operating systems and devices that will be used. XR is a general term that refers to all types of reality extensions such as VR, AR, and MR.

The Basics in the Metaverse World

Expanded Reality (XR)

In principle, XR technology has modified how a screen is presented to humans. The most common forms of modification we have encountered so far are:

• Immersing humans in a virtual (VR) environment
• add user environment (AR)
• the previous two-pound line simultaneously (MR).

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR requires a smart device with a camera as well as a screen. Then, AR can be used to add to the user experience as well as the physical world through digital devices.

Usually, AR activities use a smartphone, although it is also possible that it can be web-based on a desktop computer. This AR inserts a 3-dimensional smartphone image onto the screen, so it looks like the object is in the same physical space as the user. With this concept, we seem to be able to build a Metaverse University as a real object.

Virtual Reality (VR)

If we want to interact in the virtual world, we need a headset that is used to communicate with each other. The users have to be present in this VR world.

This VR activity persists with how headphones enhance and experience listening to music. VR is possible to detect visual and auditory experiences in a similar way.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Where is the Metaverse, this mixed reality allows the physical world and the digital world to mingle and merge. Many applications can be used for this MR. It’s as simple as using real-time maps on smartphones, such as Google Maps to higher technology (holograms). This progress was enthusiastically responded to by the Muhammadiyah Metaverse Education movement, this movement has penetrated into the world of education.

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