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6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Trophy

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6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Trophy

6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Trophy

As a reflection of the economic prosperity attained in the late 19th century, Sydney developed to be a modern city. Like many other cities in Australia, it has a very high standard of living. Well-grown economy with an excellent job market and financial services makes it a great place to live and work. Finally, by all accounts, Sydney gives a very happy life.

The happy life provided a conducive environment for Australians to master anything from business to sports. Now and then, there are some felicitations for the best performers. So much so that the business of trophies in Sydney has also increased.

If you belong to a corporate or any award-giving function and you are confused about how to choose a trophy, do not be baffled by the numerous types, styles, and designs. Here are certain factors to consider when ordering a trophy.

Trophy type

The decision on the trophy type will depend on the kind of event. The event may be a sports competition needing medals, a business felicitation needing wall plaques, or a farewell party requiring engraved giftware. So, after you are aware of the event, you can explore the different types of trophies to find the suitable one.

Quality of the trophy

No one needs a trophy that is of poor quality. If you are trying to save money choosing a substandard award, you are insulting the awardee. To avoid these circumstances, it is essential to ensure the trophy’s quality as it will be the symbol of one’s hard work and achievement. Trophies are made of many materials like glass, crystal, acrylic, metal, and wood.


Australian designers are very talented in creating unique designs to attract people. When the trophy looks elegant, it is an extra honour for the recipient. There are many designs, but only a few make it special and appealing. Shops of trophies in Sydney have a wide variety of designs and also provide customising options.

You might need a particular design, a special symbol, or a company logo to be in the award. You can talk to the designers and explain to them your needs. Apart from the designs, you can also check out the engraving services and layout options.

Size and weight

It again varies according to the nature of the events. In a typical sports competition, the trophy has special attention, and so a large trophy is significant for the winners to show off. Medals suit educational and corporate events, and they are generally small. However, you must ensure its weight when it is made of gold, silver, or platinum.

The number of trophies

When you organise any felicitation event, you will have the count of the award recipients. Also, know the rank and level of the awards to highlight variations. After checking the quality, design, and size, do not forget to inform the number of trophies you need. Having a precise count on the number of recipients of each category will save you from not messing up at critical events.

Choose a quality shop.

When these many factors are involved in a quality trophy, choose a reputed trophy store you can trust. Research and know about the store. Visit their website and see the customer’s reviews, experience in the industry, and work quality to ensure that everything goes well.

To sum up, when you are given the responsibility to choose trophies for honouring passionate and hardworking individuals, ensure you make them right. Take enough time, explore, find the best trophy, and make the recipients feel great about themselves.

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